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Colloidal Silver: What It Is And How It Works

Colloidal Silver: What It Is And How It Works

Between 1900 and 1940 silver was the primary antibiotic used in medical practice.  Numerous studies on the antibiotic properties of silver were conducted from 1920 – 1940.  Physicians mixed silver preparations in their offices and they were either taken orally or injected.  The shelf life was poor, as they had no way to keep the silver particles in suspension for longer than fifteen minutes.  


The Transition From Silver To Modern Antibiotics

The unwieldy use of silver antibiotics gave way to the far easier to use sulfa drugs and eventually penicillin.  At the time these compounds seemed more effective and were certainly easier to use.  Now we have antibiotic-resistant strains from overuse of these drugs.  And we have to use highly toxic doses of antibiotics to get a result in the bacteria that can still be killed by antibiotics, a problem of antibiotic-related toxicity to the humans consuming them.  Bacteria do not generally develop resistance to silver unless they have a very thick wall that does not absorb it (it is effective against most gram positive and gram negative bacteria). 


How Colloidal Silver Works

Colloidal silver is non-toxic, non-addictive, and has no side effects. The body develops no tolerance to it and one cannot overdose. 

This is a pure and safe element and you cannot overdose. The U.S. Government’s Center for Disease Control confirmed in 1995 that there has never been any allergic, toxic or carcinogenic reactions to colloidal silver. And the Environment Protection Agency has reported that silver is neither an eye nor skin irritant. 

Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems. The presence of Colloidal Silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any other single celled pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, its chemical lung. 

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics which destroy beneficial enzymes, Colloidal Silver leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact as they are radically different from the enzymes of primitive single-celled life. Thus Colloidal Silver is absolutely safe for humans. 

The Answer To Antibiotic Resistance?  


Colloidal Silver is the result of an electro-magnetic process that pulls microscopic particles from a larger piece of silver into a liquid such as water. These microscopic particles can more easily penetrate and travel throughout the body. Colloidal Silver works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one celled bacteria fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. In short, the bad guys suffocate. 

Unlike with antibiotics, resistant strains have never been known to develop. In fact, antibiotics are only effective against perhaps a dozen forms of bacteria and fungi, but never viruses. 


Diseases Colloidal Silver Is Used For 

Because no known disease causing organism can live in the presence of even minute traces of the chemical element of metallic silver, colloidal silver is effective against more than 650 different disease causing pathogens. This has clinical testing that back up that number. 

Since there is not enough room to list all the diseases against which it has been used successfully, here is a tiny sample;  

  • acne  
  • allergies  
  • appendicitis 
  • arthritis 
  • blood parasites 
  • bubonic plague 
  • burns – colloidal silver is one of the few treatments that can keep severe burn patients alive 
  • Cancers of all kinds 
  • cholera 
  • conjunctivitis 
  • hay fever 
  • herpes 
  • leprosy 
  • leukemia  
  • lupus 
  • Lyme disease  
  • malaria 
  • meningitis  
  • parasitic infections both viral and fungal  
  • pneumonia 
  • rheumatism  
  • ringworm,  
  • scarlet fever  
  • septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat  
  • Sexually transmitted diseases including gonorrhea, herpes and syphilis 
  • shingles 
  • staph infections 
  • strep infections 
  • toxemia,  
  • trench foot,  
  • all forms of viruses,  
  • warts  
  • and stomach ulcer.  

In addition it also has veterinary uses such as canine parvo virus. 

You’ll also find it very handy in the garden and bathroom since it can be used against bacterial, fungal and viral attacks on plants and humans. Spray diluted colloidal Silver on plant leaves, and add to soil water. Colloidal Silver gets quickly to the body cells. Keep a spray bottle of it in the bathroom for feet, hands & face. 




Taken orally, the solution is absorbed from the mouth into the bloodstream then transported quickly to the body cells. Swishing the solution under the tongue briefly before swallowing ensures fast absorption. 

Since it is eliminated by the kidneys, lymph system and bowel after three weeks, a regular daily intake is recommended as a protection against dangerous pathogens. In cases of minor burns, an accumulation of Colloidal Silver can hasten to heal, reducing scar tissue and infection The lives of millions of people susceptible to chronic low-grade infections can be enhanced by this powerful preventative health measure. 




It is painless on burns, cuts, abrasions, in open wounds, in the nostrils for a stuffy nose, arid even in a person’s eyes because unlike antiseptics, it does not destroy tissue cells. It is perfect for cosmetics, creams, and lotions. Spray on then add your favorite beauty product. 




It doesn’t interact with any other medications. It doesn’t upset the stomach and in fact is a digestive aid. It does not sting the eyes. Medical journal reports and documented studies spanning the past 100 years indicate no known side effects from oral or IV administration of colloidal silver in animal or human testing. 

Colloidal silver has been used with good results under the most demanding health care circumstances. Without overstating the case, it may be time to recognize colloidal silver as not only the safest medicine on Earth but also the most powerful. 


My personal favorite product and the best one on the market is Sovereign Silver made by Immunogenics. Learn more about Immunogenics at the links provided below:

Colloidal Silver

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Jami Oles, Naturopathic PractitionerJami Oles, HHP, Holistic Nurse and Health Educator

Jami is a mother of three and a Holistic Health Practitioner with a 10-year background in Nursing and Emergency Medicine. She is a Certified Children’s Nutritional Therapist, Holistic Nurse, EMT currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medicine. Jami is also a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. She offers both local and long distance services. You can reach Jami via email – [email protected]

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7 thoughts on “Colloidal Silver: What It Is And How It Works”

  1. Blair villanueva

    I haven’t heard and seen this product before, and am glad I read your blog. Thank you for sharing these valuable information.

  2. Thanks for the informative article. We are treating our family of five with this right now for sickness. I believe I can already tell that it is pulling the infection out of our bodies. I am thankful! God bless.

  3. I have never use this product, I accidentally read on Truth Social someone’s post regarding colloidal silver, I also heard is safe for dogs and cats, my question would be
    What would be a good dose for cats and dogs? I also intent to use it myself

    Thank you for all the good information to share, most other websites destroy the properties of colloidal silver

    1. Marian Mitchell

      I have never used it for my pets so I’m not sure. I love it for myself. I use it internally as an antibiotic when sick. I spray it into eyes with pink eye and it works almost as good as breastmilk. I apply to cuts on the skin. It’s such great stuff.

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