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Common Complications of Untreated Allergies

If you suspect that you have a food intolerance, allergy, or you are getting far too many sinus infections, you might need to book an appointment with your doctor to find out what is going on, and what your immune system is trying to tell you. There are some common complications of food and airborne particle allergies that could potentially change your life forever, That is why you have to focus on prevention. Find out more below.


Once you have allergies, you are on the road to developing asthma, unless you keep your condition under control. When the particles your body cannot deal with irritating your airways and your sinus, your lung capacity will be reduced permanently, and you will have no other option than to turn to steroid sprays, which will have long term side effects. Get your allergies checked regularly and find a way to manage them, to avoid asthma.

Skin Rashes and Eczema

If you are sensitive to some type of metal, small particles, dust, or pet hair, you will need to make sure your condition is treated regularly, and doesn’t get out of control. Skin rashes and eczema can be caused by pollution, your skin getting into condition with things it cannot handle, or even your diet. Get a full checkup to make sure that you can avoid rashes on your face and your skin.


If you have a food intolerance or allergy that is untreated, you might develop irritable bowel syndrome, which is not the most pleasant thing in the world. You might experience regular pain whenever you eat, excess gas production, or weight loss. IBS can affect your life in many ways, and there are several common complications that might require surgery, such as stomach ulcers or cysts.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Common Complications of Untreated Allergies

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Once you have IBS, it is recommended that you get your doctor to check you for leaky gut syndrome. People with a weakened immune system and food sensitivities often develop this condition, which might represent itself in mild indigestion, regular discomfort, or even Crohn’s’s Disease. If you know which foods you should avoid, you can avoid this unpleasant complication of food allergies. Staying off processed food and refined carbs usually makes a difference in your condition.

Sinus Infections and Hearing Loss

It is also important that you keep an eye on your ears. One of the most common complications of airborne allergies is a sinus infection. If your ear infection is not treated with antibiotics, you might suffer long term hearing loss. It is recommended that you get a regular test and get advice on the best hearing aids that will help you live your life to the fullest and enjoy your conversations and music just like before.

It is important that you get your allergies diagnosed, treated, and managed, so you can avoid some of the above complications that can reduce your ability to make the most out of your life, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  



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