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Embracing A Healthier Ageing Process

There’s little doubt that keeping young is high on a lot of people’s agendas. It’s not about the number of candles on the cake, but it is about feeling your absolute best – physically and mentally. No one can turn back the clock, and we should always be appreciative of what getting older actually means – the privilege of spending more time with those we love, and the gains we make in wisdom. That said, there aren’t many people who welcome dealing with the health complications or the physical appearance of ageing. Thankfully, keeping young and positive is a matter of a few key lifestyle changes. They don’t have to be seismic, but little consistent commitments can accumulate and make a big difference over time.

Prioritise Your Health

Many of us grow used to not listening to our bodies, and this can become quite a negative thing over time. We lead enormously busy lives, with the demands of a career, home life and caring responsibilities often leaving us feeling like there is just no time to be ill, or to get that nagging health issue seen to. Yet sweeping our health issues under the carpet, or treating them like an inconvenience, can be very damaging in the long run. Not only can small things spiral into larger problems without warning, but not taking care of the little signs of ageing – less accurate vision, hearing loss, limited mobility – can wear us down over time. Often we don’t confront these issues for fear of feeling or looking ‘old’. But a well-chosen pair of glasses can flatter your face and look incredibly stylish, smartphone hearing aids mean that you no longer miss out on important details and a visit to the chiropractor can be transformative for your wellbeing. So book those appointments and make sure you’re looking after those health details.

Embrace Exercise

Embracing exerciseIf you’ve never been a gym bunny, getting into a fitter lifestyle as you age can seem out of reach. And yet there are huge benefits to be had from getting into a regular workout routine.Improving your core strength can protect your back and keep you fit and healthy for longer. The key is to find something you love and that is sustainable, and doing it consistently. Whether it’s streaming a morning yoga routine, getting a Peloton bike or doing a program like Couch To 5k to get you moving again, making the commitment to doing something three or four times a week really can change your life.

Address Your Diet

Getting what you eat into balance is also something which can totally change the aging process. Loading your diet with superfoods and natural probiotics which improve the health of your gut microbiome has been shown to protect against a range of diseases. Aiming to eat a rainbow of different coloured fruits and vegetables each day allows your body to access a range of nutrients and antioxidants which all have benefits. And adopting a ‘flexitarian’ diet –  where you reduce the amount of meat you consume and eat the best quality organic cuts when you do – is good for the planet and your own health.



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