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Healthy and Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ

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Finding healthy and gluten free friendly restaurants can be a challenge. I am a huge fan of not living inside of the bubble of our home. Food allergies and special diets can make it feel like we are stuck becoming culinary chefs and being in charge of entertaining when we do want social interaction. I don’t know about you but there are times I just want to dine out, and have someone else do all the work. Luckily, Phoenix is one of the top 10 most gluten free aware/accommodating cities in the country according to the magazine Gluten Free and More. I feel incredibly blessed to live here and have so many options. However, I have had to seek them out. When you are looking for places to venture outside of your bubble, you have got to be outgoing, call ahead, plan, and if needed, put them in contact with me to educate them, their staff, and help them work in accommodations for food allergies.

I will keeping adding to this list as time goes on, so make sure to check it out periodically to find more places to enjoy. Also I want to mention that some of these places will have locations in other cities and states. Make sure to search their links and see what options you may have while vacationing!

When eating out it is essential you mention the allergies/sensitivities you have, ask them their protocol, and speak up if you have any concerns throughout the meal. You are your own, or you child’s, advocate. No one deserves to be in pain all night, especially on special occasions.

The Restaurants:


Chon Thai-I am a huge Thai food and this place was a real find. It’s affordable, they owner and staff are friendly, love kids, and accommodating. The yellow curry, cashew chicken, and pumpkin curry are my personal favorites.

Picazzo’s-Hello Gluten-Free Italian Food that also can be vegetarian and vegan. I love this restaurant. You can get a gluten free, diary free pizza with an amazing glass of wine and know that you are safe with a dedicated gluten free kitchen and knowledgeable staff. They have several locations around the Valley and one in Sedona, and are a perfect place for big groups with multiple allergies to go.

Blooming Beets-Arizona’s first 100% gluten and grain free restaurant is the safest place to eat in the city.  Their meats for from animals that are either wild caught or locally pastured and grass fed. To make it one of the healthiest restaurants around, they do not use refined sugars, seed oils, or GMO soy and corn. The food is amazing and the environment is relaxing and fun.


Liberty Market-Liberty Market uses locally grown and seasonal produce, high quality meats and always has a delicious, ever changing menu to chose from. The owner and staff are knowledgeable and take special care of those of us with gluten free needs.

Joe’s Farm Grill-Joe owns both Liberty Market and Joe’s Farm Grill. I love this outdoor, picnic style restaurant. I love to bring my kids here where we can eat and they can run around and play at the same time. Makes for a pleasant dining experience. To top it off, the food is excellent and safe.

Nourish 123This health conscious restaurant is owned by a fellow Certified Holistic Nutritionist and the food never disappoints. Working around all food allergies including gluten free, soy free, dairy free, nut free, egg free, paleo, and vegan needs, the food is delicious and always healthy.


True Foods Kitchen-My friends and I frequent here often. The menu is seasonal, the quality of food is fantastic, healthy and the atmosphere is really nice.

Seasons 52-This higher end restaurant is perfect for dates and offers a fresh, seasonal menu. It is on the more expensive side of the spectrum but completely worth it. The food is fantastic.

Chelsea’s Kitchen-The food here is just fabulous. I have personally spoken with Chef Paul and all you need to do is discreetly announce your food sensitivities. They take them very seriously and do their absolute best to prevent cross contamination.

Beckett’s Table-Fancy enough for a date yet family friendly, Beckett’s Table uses local, seasonal produce and has an ever changing menu. Their staff is extensively trained in making food safe and will explain the whole process to you when you mention “food allergies” or “gluten free.”


The Dhaba-I just love this place. Family owned, small, child friendly, fantastic Indian food and caters to all dietary lifestyles. Gluten free, vegetarian and omnivore alike have many options to chose from.

Flo’s– As a huge fan of Asian cuisine, I was excited to find a hopping restaurant with multiple locations in the Valley. They have their gluten free options clearly listed, but when I spoke with the staff, almost any cuisine can be made gluten free except for those with beef and pork.  Pretty awesome! I am an especially big fan of their Spicy Thai Coconut Soup.

Kona Grill-The knowledge and care taken by the staff is consistently impressive. They inform me that a new cutting board was used and the entire area wiped down to assure me that our food is safe. Great for sushi or a sit down dinner, you won’t be disappointed. *Locations in Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Scottsdale


HopDoddy Burger Bar-Amazing burgers humanely raised, organic greens (bought local when possible) for their salads, buns made from scratch daily, fresh made fries, great drinks, and knowledgeable staff. Their fries are to die for, just saying.

Mad Greens-Amazingly aware and healthy restaurant that specializes in salads, sandwiches (no gluten free options), and juice bar, with fair trade, soda and fabulous teas, and has all their allergens listed for easy reference. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable of a variety of allergens in foods and can answer your questions immediately. *Locations in Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa as well.

Postino’s– With several locations around the valley I am THRILLED to announce they have amazing tasting gluten free options. Their bruschetta is the best around and after learning they offered gluten free bread, I just had to check them out. The bread has the texture of and tastes exactly like gluten containing bread. So much so that my friend and I had to flag down our waitress to confirm there wasn’t a mix up. On top of fantastic food, their wine collection never disappoints. It’s the perfect place to go for a date or a night out with a group of friends. *Locations in Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa also.

P.F.Changs– With an extensive gluten free menu, you can enjoy a variety of Asian fare usually off limits. This is a great option to go with a group and has multiple locations all over the Valley.


Gordon Biersch-Not celiac safe as they do not have a separate space for prepping gluten free food, they do their best to accommodate those with food restrictions. The food is made from scratch daily, and they have a decent sized gluten sensitive menu.

Fresh Healthy Cafe-This cafe offers smoothies, protein bowls, panini’s (with gluten free bread of course), salads, and juices. Perfect for a day of shopping or a healthy option before a big event.

Now it’s your turn to go out and relax for a meal!

Do you have favorite restaurants I haven’t discovered yet? Please let me know below!



4 thoughts on “Healthy and Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ”

  1. When I was in Scottsdale attending a medical conference last year, I had my first True Food experience and was totally hooked! Next time I visit my Aunt, I will definitely check out your other recommendations 🙂

    1. Marian Mitchell

      True Foods is definitely on the top 3 list of mine. I’m always looking for more options and Phoenix is a great place to live for healthy choices! If you discover any new ones while out visiting, please let me know!

  2. This is a great idea. It can always be hard to find restaurants that serve the right types of food for you. This is a great resource. Thanks.

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