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How Loving Yourself Improves Your Relationship

Many people dread going into relationships because they fear getting too emotionally attached. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it means sacrificing a lot, including one’s independence. When you put your energy into a relationship or turn your attention toward the best dating sites review for a romantic partner, all you are looking for is love and companionship. However, loving someone shouldn’t come with the need to abandon your desires to suit their needs. That’s why self-love is just as important as loving your partner. In any case, loving yourself to love others is considered one way to improve your relationship. Here’s what you should know about loving yourself while in relationships.

1.      Loving Yourself Helps People Treat You Better

Let’s face it; people will always treat you by looking at how you treat yourself. This carries more weight in relationships where setting standards is a fundamental aspect of better co-existence. For instance, when you treat yourself devoid of respect and love, you essentially permit your partner to do the same.

This explains why loving yourself first is important in setting a good precedent on how you should be treated. Loving yourself unconditionally is an easier way of ensuring you get the treatment you deserve. Furthermore, it also helps to cut ties with unworthy people who don’t appreciate your self-worth.

2.      Loving Yourself Ensures You Don’t Depend On Your Partner for Happiness.

Unhealthy relationships arise when you depend on your partner to make you feel loved. Mainly, this dependence syndrome emerges when you don’t have a loving relationship with yourself. Loving yourself first as God loves you helps you understand why you hold your keys to happiness.

While you may not know how loving yourself can change your relationship life, it certainly makes things better knowing you can fill yourself up with love from the inside out. The more you learn how to fill yourself with love first, the more you also learn to give it to others. This, in turn, attracts comparable love from others.

3.      Loving Yourself Helps You Express Your Needs in a Relationship Better

Loving yourself primarily helps you recognize and understand your value. This means realizing how your needs in the relationship are as important as your partner’s. When you value your self-worth, it becomes easier to know what feels good for you. It also relieves you the burden of undeserving attention hence making you accept less of others’ disrespect.

4.      Loving Yourself Helps You Conquer Relationship Fears

Self-love is the first step towards recognizing your imperfections. This allows you to learn of your partner’s flaws and to refrain from judging them. A person who doesn’t love themselves may not understand the power of knowing their imperfections in a relationship.

Loving yourself can help change your life of imperfections knowing you have nothing to hide.  With enough of your self-love, you no longer let shame cloud your self-image. This helps in conquering all relationship fears knowing your partner can acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses the same way you do.

5.      It Gives You a Chance to Focus on Your Individuality

When you truly love someone, it’s easier to become so absorbed into loving them until you lose yourself. In most cases, many people end up reducing themselves into a reflection of their partner. Nothing wrong comes from taking a keen interest in your relationship, but it gets unwarranted if you completely change your ways to suit your partner.

The fact is, loving yourself doesn’t mean you lead a separate life from your partner. While loving yourself may be viewed as narcissistic, it’s merely a pursuit of a beautiful life where you passionately follow your dreams and goals. Besides, all of it need not revolve around your partner. This way, you’ll improve your relationship by allowing everyone to maintain their individuality.

Final Thought

The need for self-love in relationships cannot be overemphasized. It essentially allows you to accept your wholeness profoundly.  This is important in enabling you to step back in your true self and let the love within becoming a source of power to love others.

Well, do you have tips on how you can work on improving your self-love? Leave your response in the comments.

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Image credit: The photo was taken by Daniel Sampaio Donate if you want (Paypal) from Pixabay

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