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How Your Self-Image Influences Your Life

There are those who believe that the act of taking care of oneself, wearing nice clothing, engaging in careful grooming or in enjoying accessory considerations such as using face masks is tantamount to being vain and narcissistic. Of course, it might be that to see someone change hairstyles often, shop for nicer brand name clothes or to even undertake corrective surgery, we think that this person is uncomfortable within their own skin by definition.

But that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, your self-image influences your life to a degree that you may not be aware of, and often these people are not dressing up for others, but themselves. This can be great, such as a mature woman realizing that despite being a mother, she needn’t dress in a boring manner, giving herself room to experiment with new styles. It can sometimes be taken to a negative outcome, as well. For example, someone who has decided to get in shape, working on their body for years, may also suffer from body dysmorphia where they believe they are never enough.

It’s important to consider how your self-image influences your life, so you can approach this daily fact in the healthiest manner possible. Please, consider:

Your Insecurities

Your insecurities are and will always be part of you. It’s simply who we are as people. Even if you had immediate rectification surgery to completely resolve an issue, you’ll likely develop another insecurity much faster than you realize. The benefit is in accepting your insecurity, or realizing that they do not matter, or even loving your unique stature. Remember, what might be titanic for you is often nothing to others, such as a birthmark on your arm, or plenty of freckles. You might even ask questions for light resolutions, such as asking ‘can Invisalign fix overbites?’ You never know just what your beauty is comprised of.

Your Strengths

Of course, we all have our strengths. Perhaps you have a great hairline, or you are the perfect height, or you feel proud of how quickly you can lose weight or gain muscle. It’s important, just like your insecurities, to not place too much stock in your strengths. This can help you not identify with them so closely should they start to fade with age. Additionally, if you are picture-perfect, knowing that can often make you much less attractive to other people. All in all, how you view yourself, through gentle love and humility, is always best when it’s centered.

You’re Enough

Remember that no matter how you define your personality, you are a full person, and you should feel free to express yourself however you like. Perhaps deciding to make the effort towards expressing yourself more thoroughly can be a worthwhile measure, such as going forward with those horn-rimmed glasses you were somewhat hesitant about wearing, or simply not feeling the need to wear makeup each and every day if you choose not to. Remember, you are more than enough.

With this advice, we hope you can understand how self-image influences your life, while also adopting methods that can help you positively experience this lesson for good.



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