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Meditation Series Part 1: Just Breathe…

Meditation has many incredible benefits and this past year I connected with local Meditation Teacher Pamela White. She is amazing and a wonderful teacher. She is going to be doing some guests posts for us and I am thrilled! You guys are in for a treat!



The Holidays for many of us have been stressful and I have always felt guilty about this because that, I don’t believe was ever the intention.  One of the important piece of information that I hold close to my heart, in regards to any change I have ever made in my own life, is that I approach the change with the best of my ability with an open heart as well as mind.  There is something sacred today about this manner in which I do my best to practice in order to have it become a part of my DNA, in a sense because it has served me so well. I will admit that anyone who has known me, like family, has seen, I hope a change in my reaction to life and I attribute this to my practice of silence, not necessarily sitting still but in the commitment to myself, first to do this and secondly to the world around me that I hope to affect in a positive and even healing manner by my simply choosing differently in my words, actions and feelings.  This came about for me several years ago as the world became smaller with what overwhelmed the Internet and seemed such a painful, difficult experience that left me feeling powerless over what I could do.   I heard the echoes of what President Kennedy had said about, “Asking not what my country could do for me but what I could do for my country.”

I made a conscious decision to try, in short increments, 5 minutes or so to get up from my desk at work and to simply walk in silence, noticing my breath as it slowed and then doing this not in response to just stress but as an activity my body, my mind and my spirit now demanded.   I felt like I struck gold.  Funny, though so many people would say things like, “Who has time to stop what they are doing to breath? “, or what good would 5 minutes do anyway?”  A lot I began sharing, little by little and soon I was sharing my 5 minutes or so with others with whom I worked because the clients I worked with who used this technique were finding peace and were able to fall asleep at night, feel less anxiety and they were curious.

So, before the Holidays this year I was grateful for my Sunday group of ladies who shared meditation space with me for 6 to 8 weeks.  They took the time for themselves and a few shared it with family or friends. What they discovered was those 5 minutes had turned into 20 minutes and a daily practice.  Meditation, for me has been so wonderful that I feel compelled to share it with others and this took me through the holidays in gratitude, happiness, and feeling that I was able to reconnect with family.

Life is stressful even at its best and maybe its because we have too many choices or that we are sensitive to others hurts, sadness and we feel powerless sometimes to bring them what they need most into their lives.   Meditation is my way of bringing me to a place of being present, able to hear you and slow down long enough to realize that this in itself is the gift. So I am always seeking new types of meditation and mindfulness to practice.  Lets see what the New Year brings.


pam head shotPamela White is a Transformational Life Coach,  Certified Hypnotherapist. And Meditation Teacher, Her clients describe her as a model for living life with passion and purpose.  Pam is a highly sought afterempowerment coach and  Mindfulness practitioner. who enables her clients to reach past their doubts and fears and to create the lives they truly desire. Her holistic approach means she employs not only Life Coaching, but also Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Spiritual techniques that aligns diet, lifestyle, goals and mindset to ensure powerful transformations and lasting successes. Pam is incredibly passionate about her work and strives to provide outstanding client support; frequent follow-up and affordable pricing so that everyone can benefit from her extensive experience helping people just like you.



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