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Supporting Your Health and Wellbeing While Working

Work plays a major role in the majority of our lives. The average person will work eight hours a day, five days a week, which means that our careers take up a significant portion of our time during our adult lives. Now, many of us like to separate our “work life” from our “home life”, which is entirely fair enough. But you do need to remember that there are certain elements of our lives that we need to focus on all the time, regardless of what we may be doing. Our health is one of these. Believe it or not, your work can have a significantly negative impact on your health and wellbeing if you fail to manage it well. Here are some areas of focus for you to take into consideration that will help you to support your body and mind, even when you’re at work!

Workplace Safety

Every workplace has a responsibility to make sure that you are safe and well while you are working for your employer. You should bear this in mind to make sure that you and your individual needs are well catered to. If you are disabled, or have health conditions, your workplace may need to adapt your working space or provide you with specific working arrangements to help support your wellbeing. This could range from home working contracts to providing flexible working hours for doctor’s appointments or providing special ergonomic furniture and equipment at your desk. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for any of this, simply search your condition and you’ll be able to find out, for example, you can find out is narcolepsy a disability and what you require to work safely while experiencing it.


Work can impact your diet. All too many people end up skipping breakfast in a bid to get to work or sign into work on time. Many people also fail to eat healthy lunches during the working day, instead opting for fast food or a seriesof snacks to keep them going. This should be avoided. Make sure to wake up early each day, giving yourself time to enjoy a wholesome and healthy breakfast before you get started. Popular options include whole grain toast, yoghurt with fruit, porridge with nuts and berries and more. For lunch, try meal prepping. Create a series of lunches that can be prepared at the start of the week and taken as a packed lunch each day. They can be healthy, contain plenty of vegetables and sufficient calories to keep your energy levels up.

Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Make sure to monitor it while you’re working. All too many people overwork themselves and end up burning out in the workplace. Don’t allow others to pressure you into extra hours, excessively tight deadlines or other problematic workplace behaviour that could be detrimental to you or cause you stress. If you find that this is an ongoing problem, and that people don’t accept no for an answer, consult your company’s HR department, who will be able to help you further.

These are just a few areas to get started out. Hopefully, they come in useful and benefit you in the long run!

Supporting Your Health And Wellbeing While Working



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