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Surprising Places Gluten Hides

Gluten hides in the most surprising places. Due to this, many of us are still having symptoms. It’s frustrating, to say the least. Gluten is in everything. It’s a binder and a filler in all kinds of places. As I dived into research, I was amazed and annoyed at what I found. Today I’m going to take you through the surprising places gluten hides and my personal favorite gluten free products. The first most common, and the most problematic outside of food, is in our body products.

Names of Gluten in Body and Home care products:

  • wheat
  • barley
  • rye
  • oat/oat oil/extract
  • triiticum vulgare germ extract/germ oil/gluten/starch
  • hordeum vulgare
  • secale cereale
  • avena sativa
  • hydrolyzed malt extract
  • phytosphingosine extract
  • cyclodextrin
  • dextrin
  • amino peptide complex
  • prolamine
  • beta glucan
  • dextrin palmitate
  • semino peptide complex
  • maltodextrin (can be from barley)
  • wheat germ extract/glycerides/oil
  • hydrolyzed wheat protein/starch/gluten
  • hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • Hydrolyzed malt extract
  • hydrolyzed oat flour
  • PVP Crosspolymer
  • stearyl dimonium hydroxypropyl (hydrolyzed wheat protein)
  • hydroxypropyltrimonium (hydrolyzed wheat protein)   
  • plant based cleaning agents  
  • Wheat Amino Acids
  • Wheat Germ Glycerides
  • Wheat Chloride
  • Wheat Protein
  • Wheatgermamidopropyl Ethyldimonium Ethosulfate
  • Yeast Extract

Body products that may contain gluten

Unfortunately, gluten is used as a binder in most body care products. This will lead to constantly being glutened if we do not make some changes and replace many products. The body care products that may contain gluten are:

    • Toothpaste
    • Mascara
    • Lotion
    • Shampoo/conditioner
    • Detangling/heat protectant sprays
    • Lipstick/chapstick
    • Foundation
    • Soaps
    • Nail polish
    • and more

Lotion can exacerbate skin issues and/or you use your hands to put lotion on, then eat with your hands or put them in your mouth to lick something and you ingest gluten that way. If you bite your nails and use nail polish, that is another way you can ingest gluten. Mascara can cause eye irritation or even cause your lashes to fall out. It’s definitely worth investing in new products, especially if you struggle with any of these issues. 

More Places Gluten Hides

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end with our body products. Gluten hides in many other places we would never think about.

Significant others/kids kisses.

Yup, they eat gluten and then kiss you. You’re going to get contaminated. Your safest bet is to make your entire home a gluten free zone. Family members who do decide to continue to eat gluten should really eat it outside the home to help keep you safe. If that isn’t an option then I strongly suggest putting mouthwash into every single room and have them rinse before they kiss you. Doing this will keep you protected. If they refuse to do that, then that’s a whole other problem that needs to be addressed. 


It is made with wheat flour. Even if you do not eat it (beware for your CD kids: most kids try to eat it), it will get all over your hands, the table/counters and you may unintentionally put them in your mouth. If this applies to your home, here is a great gluten free recipe:  

Baby Powder

While your baby may not be sensitive/allergic to gluten, getting it all over your hands and inhaling it can cause issues for you. Instead swap baby powder with corn or arrowroot starch.

Rash cream

Just like with lotions, getting it all over your hands can be an issue. Now, it’s sticky and white so most of us do wash our hands. It’s meant to stick though, even with water. Best practice is to find a gluten-free brand and there are a few really good ones out there.


gluten is often contained in the fillers or vegetarian/vegan capsules. You can call your preferred vitamin supplement manufacturer to see if they are certified gluten free. A few brands I like are: USANA, Thorne, Jarrow, Country Life, Pioneer Nutritionals, and Freeda Vitamins.

We’re In Luck!

We are lucky these days in that the demand for gluten free products are high. There are several companies that are dedicated to gluten free makeup and body care products. Although there may be more than what is on this list, I highly recommend you always call and follow up to ask questions. You can also call your favorite brands and see if they are gluten free. No reason to change if you are safe but if there is any doubt, toss and replace.  

A Few Of My Favorite Gluten Free Options


Tom’s Of Maine, Desert Essence, Arm and Hammer and Biotene.

Makeup Brands:

SenGense, Afterglow Cosmetics, BareMinerals, and Ecco Bella are my favorites because every single item in their line is safe including lipsticks.

Baby Powder:

California Baby, Nature’s Baby Organics and good old-fashioned cornstarch.

Rash Cream:

Coconut oil, California Baby, and Dakota Free.


BioKleen and Seventh Generation.

Dish Soap:

Seventh Generation.

Body Lotion:

Desert Essence, Mineral Fusion, Ecco Bella, Green Beaver and NOW Shea Butter.

Body Wash/Soap Bars:

Dr. Bonners, Green Beaver, and Mineral Fusion are personal favorites.

Don’t see your favorite brand?

If you don’t see your favorite brand on here, I recommend either emailing or calling the company to check. The time will be well spent to ensure you stay safe and start feeling 100% again.

surprising places gluten hides




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