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4 Diet Hacks That Will Keep You Trim

The goal to keep fit and stay healthy is one shared by most people. For decades we have all been trying to find the holy grail of staying in top shape. The combined effects of regular exercise, healthy eating, and other positive lifestyle changes generally contribute to realizing this goal. However, research has shown that bad eating habits can quickly cancel out any gains in your efforts to keep fit and lose weight. This fact is the famous “80/20 rule.”  Therefore, you must prioritize good dieting habits to stay trim, and here are four hacks that will help you achieve your goals.

Watch your portions

Research suggests that using smaller eating utensils affects how a person eats by possibly tricking them into eating less. You can start by serving yourself in plates smaller than what you usually use. Substitute three big meals for five to six small meals daily, to not overwhelm your metabolism.  Some studies suggest that taking pictures of your food and keeping a food diary can help you lose weight. To put it simply, anything that increases your mindfulness of what you are eating will be advantageous.

Drink plenty of water

Water consumption before meals is considered by many as an effective way to suppress appetite. Studies show that drinking a half-litre of water thirty minutes before meals helps people eat fewer calories, lose 44% more weight, and improve metabolism. Further evidence also suggests that people who drink two glasses of water immediately before a meal are likely to eat 22% less. Therefore, you should try drinking two cups of water before meals to limit your overall food intake for best results.

Cut back on sugar

Several studies prove that high sugar intake predisposes a person to obesity, heart disease,  and type two diabetes. Sugar can also cause you to overeat because it stimulates cravings for high-calorie foods. Cutting back on sodas and all other forms of added sugars is a healthy lifestyle choice. The American Heart Association suggests at most six teaspoons of sugar for women and nine for men as daily intake. Try as much as possible to substitute sugary foods with meals and snacks rich in fiber and vitamins as often as possible. 

Create a diet plan

The technique of mindful eating comes into play here. When practicing “mindful eating,” you are consciously paying attention to the body’s needs, drawing a line between what is essential and what is not. It requires practice and a lot of effort, but it can achieve extraordinary results when integrated into your lifestyle. You will have to be conscious of what you are eating at all times, paying attention to your food quality and quantity. Eating deliberately slower than usual is also required. Mindful eating has been proven by studies to be effective in lessening impulse eating and reducing calorie intake, consequently promoting weight loss. Also, unless required by your doctor, refrain from eating a restrictive diet plan. There are many great coaches out there including myself and Kristen Blake Wellness to help you develop a healthy eating plan for you.



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