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5 Mood Boosting Foods To Add To Your Diet Today!

The foods that we eat do not only impact our physical health, but they also have a significant effect on our mental health. When our diets are healthy we are less likely to feel tired, sluggish, stressed, or depressed. There are many foods which can help to boost our moods and make us feel happier. To create a mood-boosting diet, start with these five yummy foods.


To remain healthy our bodies need Omega-3 fatty acids. We can get these acids by regularly consuming fish such as tuna, salmon, or mackerel. Studies have shown that eating fish helps to improve cognitive function and boost our moods. Eating fish is often recommended for people who experience low energy or feelings of depression. Fish contains plenty of healthy ingredients that our bodies need including iodine, protein, and vitamin D.


Kefir is a type of fermented drink that is fairly similar to yogurt. There are many health benefits of drinking Kefir including boosting your gut health, aiding your digestion, and improving your immunity. It’s a probiotic drink that is made by mixing special grains and milk. The grains contain yeast and lactic acid; both ingredients which are responsible for the fermentation process. Drinking kefir can improve your mood and support your digestive system.


Eating chocolate causes our bodies to release theobromine and caffeine, when this happens we tend to feel happier! Chocolate also causes the body to make a chemical called N-acylethanolamine, the substance shares several properties with cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have long been linked to stress reduction, and N-acylethanolamine may produce a similar effect. For the ultimate mood-boosting snack why not try making CBD and chocolate cookies? To purchase some quality CBD products check out


These superfoods are one of the healthiest snacks out there. Blueberries contain plenty of manganese, vitamin K and vitamin C. They have more antioxidants than most other vegetables and fruits. The antioxidants can help to protect your body from free radical damage. 


Spinach is a super healthy mood-boosting food, packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Eating spinach can help to reduce the oxidative stress levels in your body. Spinach contains iron, folic acid and vitamin K, C and A. These properties mean that spinach is helpful to improve your immune system and fight off infections. The calcium content is useful to support the health of your muscles and bones.

Healthy Eating Apps

To improve your healthy eating regime there are several apps you can try. For a few to get started, check out these options:

  • Green Kitchen: Using this app you can learn plenty of new vegetarian recipes. The app has many creative ideas and nutritional info to support your choices. Learning more about nutrition can help you to make healthier choices, learn new recipes, and prevent boredom eating.
  • Super Food: This application is perfect for those who want to eat healthier. The app includes a nutrition diary, a calorie counter, and lots of tasty superfood recipes.



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