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Why Day-By-Day Living Is Forever Imbued With Wisdom

Day-by-day living isn’t always the easiest thing to do. We are planners as part of our nature, continually looking to the future to ensure things play out in the right way. But sometimes, the pressing needs of our short-term life are much more necessary than the long-term overarching plans we hope to see through to action.

It’s often easy to criticize day-by-day living. We consider it to be imbued with short-term pleasure, shortsighted decision-making and a lack of true regard for choices that play out in the future. To some extent this is true. But for those experiencing challenge, those trying to grow, or those going through difficult times, it can be one of the best things to do. After all, how can you hope to achieve a successful year if you’re finding it hard to achieve a successful day?

We all live each day one at a time. We cannot live life faster or slower than this. However, we often fail to take in the power of each and every day. One of the downsides to long-term thinking only is that it sees its timeline in a string of days, rather than each day as a building block to the final goal. A balance is needed of course, but with the following insights in mind, you may decide to try living day-to-day also:

Challenge & Struggle

Let’s say you’re having struggle with addiction. One of the things you’ll learn in a women’s sober living retreat is that each day matters, and each decision matters. If you’re a recovering alcoholic, the years of sobriety stretched before you can seem daunting, even if that is one of your long-term goals. But a day? You can achieve a day of sobriety. You can choose not to drink today. Don’t think about tomorrow. When that comes, you can make those decisions then. This means every day, you have a rejuvenated sense of primacy in your decision-making, which can often reduce the fatigue of trying to achieve a ‘lifelong’ goal in one fell swoop. When segmenting your weeks into days, you can face challenge and struggle with more energy, and also give yourself the right presence to feel proud of yourself. After all, you don’t build a wall in one go, but lay each brick as well as you can.


You don’t climb a mountain in one step. Instead, it takes many steps, one after the other. Each step taken doesn’t feel exhausting. It’s just a step. Allowing yourself to move forward incrementally can help scary goals be overcome. It is how people climb Everest one step at a time, one climbing maneuver at a time. This way achievements slowly come to you, and each step you learn something new.


It can often feel like weeks pass slower than months. Why is this? Because we’re often stuck in long-term thinking. If you bring your attention back to the presence of your everyday life, you feel as though you’re actually connected to your presence here. Life becomes less of a juggling act, and more of a dance. This is the first bedrock of mental health.

With these simple perceptions, you may find renewed assistance in the power of everyday living.

Why Day-By-Day Living Is Forever Imbued With Wisdom



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