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Stop Driving & Start Walking For Optimal Health

Stop Driving & Start Walking For Optimal Health

It’s all too easy to use the car these days. Driving saves time, gets you to work and the local stores, and even the gym. The trouble is that given many of us work in desk jobs these days, using the car all the time is likely to be adding to our health problems, even if it might free up time.

So, if you are finding yourself coming up with excuses to jump in the car and drive – rather than walk – perhaps it’s time to make a slight change to your lifestyle. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the reasons why you should swap four wheels for two feet more regularly – let’s take a closer look.

walk instead of drive for optimal health


Get effortlessly fit

effortlessly fitWalking is a fantastic and overlooked activity when it comes to getting fit. The human body evolved to walk, so it’s a completely natural thing to do. The best part is that a little will add up quickly. A few ways to walk more is to walk down the street instead of driving to lunch, park in the very back of the parking lot, and walk to the park to get fit without any extra effort. 

You have the time

A lot of people use the excuse of lacking time for driving – but that just doesn’t wash. The reality is you need exercise to get and keep healthy and walking is a simple and straightforward way of doing it. And you don’t need much – just 10 or 20 minutes every few hours or so can make all the difference. It just takes a little planning and effort to make that time available.

You save a bunch of money

Car payments, insurance, and maintenance are costs that are all part and parcel of running a car. But the more you drive, the more you will be spending – not just on fuel but on parking and depreciation, too. That all adds up to thousands of dollars a year, and if you are close to the breadline it’s an expense that could be causing you stress. Start walking more – because it’s free – and a lot of those costs will be minimized.

You are safer from accidents

There are more cars on the road today than at any other time in history – and that makes driving a reasonably dangerous activity. Should you suffer from a serious injury as a result of someone else’s driving, you can call this attorney or a similar one in your neighborhood for more information on what you can do, but ultimately, the less time you spend in the car, the safer, right? Why not give it a try?

You suffer less stress

stress less

Driving a car is incredibly stressful these days. Road rage is a serious issue, and you have no idea who is going to take umbrage at your driving skills. Your blood pressure can skyrocket, your rage can spike, and there is, of course, the risk of being a victim of violence. Walk to your local bus or public transport station instead, and you’ll find your stress levels coming down a notch or two.

Do you drive more than you should? Why not take a walk instead – it’s great for your health, bank balance, and stress levels!

Drive less and walk more for a easy way to get healthy

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