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Traveling and staying healthy is difficult enough without adding food restrictions into the mix. Then add having a toddler with food restrictions makes it extra challenging. I do my best to feed the kids before we fly, but if a two-year-old isn’t hungry, there is no forcing it. Or they could be in a growth spurt and have a bottomless pit for a stomach that day. As we all know, you cannot bring opened food and drinks through security. Sometimes they won’t even let in unopened food and drinks if the TSA employees are on a power trip. (Totally had food and drinks thrown away before, ugh!) Flying gluten-free can be a challenge if unprepared or your food gets tossed. Luckily the gluten free movement is big enough now that if one looks hard enough, there are a few options. Thank goodness!! Here are my go-to options when traveling:


kind bars

air popped popcorn

 Mom In The Raw bars

gluten free starbucks options nutsstarbucks gluten free options


gluten free starbucks options apples

The airport stores often have:

organic dried fruits

airport options dried fruit


jerky (just look for the words “GLUTEN FREE” on the packaging)

potato chips (potato, oil, salt, and hey they’re gluten free!)

and certain brands of fruit snacks/gummies (always check the labels)

Also, thirst quenching water and 100% fruit juices.

Terminal Restaurants

Restaurants in the terminals can be hit or miss. I’ve found it really depends on the city and the chain. As food allergies have come to the forefront of awareness, many restaurants at least try to have one option for patrons. It is often salads, which as a salad lover I am okay with, but sometimes you can get burgers and veggies with a dip. Always talk with the staff, ask for the allergy-friendly menu and if needed, ask for the chef or head cook. They are trained to know this stuff, so they can always give you the best answer.

One more tip

You are now more prepared to fly gluten free without risking getting sick or hogging the bathroom! Here is a quick tip: Taking digestive enzymes (like this one) before traveling can help ease any accidental gluten ingestion. While you don’t want to intentionally eat gluten while traveling, it can be hard to avoid it when options are limited and you’re starving. Digestive enzymes can help ease the effects.

737 MAX-8 GECAS Artwork
Traveling Gluten Free Made Easier


What has your experience been flying with Celiac Disease? Any tips and Tricks to Share?

For a complete course in how to live, dine, travel, and thrive gluten free, check out my 12 day online Thrive Gluten Free jumpstart (complete with a cookbook with exclusive recipes!)

If you want to road trip gluten free, here is my blog for a Gluten Free Road Trip 



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  1. I pack everything, snacks, lunch etc. It’s a pain but I’d much rather take an extra bag then be sick on a plane or for my trip. In a pinch we grab skinny pop, kind bars etc which is easily found in most any airport terminal as you mentioned. Beware that almost zero nuts/trail mixes are celiac safe due to contamination. Learned that one the hard way.

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