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Surprisingly Healthy Foods that Can Lift your Mood

When you are feeling down, it can be very tempting for you to turn to food so that you can lift your spirits. The main thing that you need to know is that high-calorie treats often come with some negative consequences. You may find that they are high in sugar and that they can really hinder your mood. If you want to make sure that you do not end up compromising your mood through your diet, then this is the guide for you.

Fatty Fish

Did you know that Omega-3 acids are a group of fats that are essential to your health? You need to obtain them through your diet though because your body is not actually able to produce them on its own. Fatty fish such as salmon or even albacore tuna are very rich in Omega 3, and they also contain DHA and EPA. These two types of fatty acids are known for being linked with lower levels of depression. The main reason for this is because Omega 3 can easily contribute to the overall fluidity of your brain cell’s membrane, and on top of this, it can boost your brain development too.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a very rich food and although it contains sugar, it’s got a lot of mood-boosting compounds too. On top of this, it can help you to release a lot of feel-good compounds. This can include theobromine, caffeine, and n-acylethanolamine. This has been linked quite a lot to an increase in a positive mood. A lot of experts debate whether or not chocolate contains enough compounds to actually trigger a psychological response,  but either way, chocolate is very high in flavonoids. This has the ability to improve your brain’s blood flow while also being able to reduce inflammation too. This can support your overall mood regulation. Chocolate has a very high hedonic rating, and this means that it has a taste, smell and texture that is pleasurable. This can also boost your mood. Milk chocolate contains a lot of added ingredients, namely fat and sugar. For this reason, you need to try and opt for dark chocolate if possible. If you are struggling with low mood because you are struggling with addiction, then instead of looking for comfort through food, try and explore the idea of addiction recovery.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods can include kimchi, kefir, kombucha and even sauerkraut. These can all improve your gut health and they can work wonders for your mood as well. The fermentation process essentially allows live bacteria to thrive, and it also gives it the chance to convert into sugar. This can include alcohol or even acid. During this process, live organisms are created, otherwise known as probiotics. This can really boost your mood, and it can also make you healthier in general. If you want to make sure that you are boosting your brain as much as possible, then things like this should certainly be a big part of your diet. If you are struggling with eating healthily, then remember that it’s more than possible for you to expand your recipe list by buying a few books.

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