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How To Deal With A Bad Headache

Headaches are a body pain that we all feel at many points in our lives, and they can be bought on from a variety of things. Whether it’s something you need to see TBI Imaging Associates for, or whether it’s just a headache caused by dehydration, here are some tips when wanting to deal with a bad headache.

Close Your Eyes And Get Some Rest

The best thing to do when you have a headache that won’t shift throughout the day is to close your eyes and get some rest. Your body is obviously urging you to get some sleep and to help your body to fight whatever’s causing it, a good night’s sleep will help. If it’s the middle of the day, try to take a power nap where possible. It can be easy to get these in when you’re at home, but it might be difficult when you’re at work. Regardless, when you do get home, try to blackout your room and fall asleep. Even though you might be getting way more sleep than usual, it’s important to rest your head and to give your body the help it needs to heal itself and for you to not feel any further pain. It’s better than having to be up and about and feeling it constantly. At least when you’re asleep, it won’t be something you feel.

Massage Your Head

Massages can be a great way to give yourself some physical relief. It might not always help, but massaging the head and temples specifically can help. There are also pressure points that you might want to hit or get a friend to work on in order to try and relieve some of the pain you’re feeling. There’s also cold or hot compresses that you can apply to your head and temples to see if that works in making you feel any better.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is a great way to see if your headache is being brought on by being dehydrated. A lot of the time, this is why headaches can occur, and that’s through not drinking enough water throughout the day. See how much you’ve had so far, and if it doesn’t seem anywhere near enough, it is a good opportunity to drink more and to make sure you are drinking plenty of water each day in order to avoid this from happening again.

Take Some Painkillers

And finally, if nothing else is working, then take some painkillers. They can provide quicker relief, but it’s important that you don’t become too reliant on them if you’re headaches are regular. Also, regular headaches might be done to something else, like stress or underlying health conditions. So only see painkillers as something you use occasionally, rather than regularly.

Dealing with a bad headache can be annoying, but if you’re following these steps, you should be able to deal with a lot sooner. Be sure to always get plenty of rest, avoid getting stressed, and drink plenty of water.



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