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Say No More to Migraines With These Natural Remedies!

Migraines can get very painful and become a nuisance preventing you from going about your usual business. Sometimes migraines come along with nausea, mood swings, and irritability of the eyes, to mention a few. Migraines can be pretty disturbing and unbearable.

Due to this, it is essential to verse yourself with non-medicinal remedies you can use to relieve migraine pains. These remedies will come in handy when you do not have someone to send to the pharmacy to get you painkillers. Additionally, these natural remedies relieve migraines faster than you may anticipate, affording you a chance to go back to your undertaking.

Below is a concise discussion of some of the natural remedies for migraines available.

Remove Any Pressure on the Head

When experiencing a migraine, it is advisable to loosen any tight clothing or object around the head, for example, a hairband or a hat. You can also let your hair down if you have it in a tight bun or ponytail. Undertaking such simple steps will reduce the pressure that is exerting on your head hence relieving migraines.

Keep Hydrating

Dehydration is undoubtedly one of the triggers of migraines. It is therefore essential to take the right amounts of water each day to replenish the one you lose through sweating and excretion. Any time you remember to take water, please do so. It will help you not only in relieving migraines but also generally keeping your torso healthy and lively.

If your migraines result from substance withdrawal, natural remedies may not be enough because the symptoms will cool off for a moment and recur. Owing to that, you can seek an address on that at Alpha 180 as you continue to use the natural remedies.

Apply a Hot or Cold Compress

First, you need to prepare a compress by dipping a cloth in either cold or warm water. Once the piece of fabric is a dump, place it across your forehead and relax for a bit. Do this repeatedly for five minutes, and your migraine pains will cool off.

You can also use ice cubes in place of a cold damp cloth or a heating bottle in place of a hot damp cloth. Place any of the items above on your neck or forehead for quick relief of migraines. Alternatively, you can take a warm shower to help relax your tense muscles.

Smell Lavender

Another remedy to help relieve migraines is smelling lavender, whose scent aids you ease down. If you have lavender essential oil in your home, you can look for a quiet place, sit there and inhale lavender for about fifteen minutes. This will help you relax, and the pain will reduce.


It would be best if you spend some time sitting, being in the moment, and making a conscious effort to pay attention to your breathing. This sort of mediation helps relieve physical pain. You can try this remedy the next time you experience migraines.

With the above remedies, you can relieve migraines and get back to whatever you were doing. However, if symptoms persist and you feel excruciating pain, it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor.

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Natural Remedies For Migraines



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