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My First Cooking Video (!!!) “How To Make Quinoa (And It Actually Taste Good)”

I am thrilled to announce the launching of my YouTube channel, Thrive Gluten Free, and my very first cooking video. It is my goal in life to get people cooking at home and eating nourishing foods. I love to develop recipes that (for the most part) are simple, with few ingredients, and delicious is a must. Healthy food shouldn’t taste boring!

I created Thrive Gluten Free because I am a visual learner and I learn better from watching than just reading. Some recipes are intimidating and/or just do not come out quite right. Quinoa is one of the grains I get the most questions on how to cook because it never turns out quite right for my clients and friends who have tried to make it.  Here it is! (EEEEE I’m so excited!)

I hope you found this helpful. Make sure to leave comments and let me know what you thought.

Here are a few Quinoa recipes to try as well:

Rainbow Quinoa With Apples, Cranberries, and Mint

Spring Veggies and Chicken with Quinoa

Mexican Style Quinoa

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