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Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season

The holidays are here!! It’s a time of parties, pastries, eating, alcohol, eating, shopping, family, eating, friends, and did I mention eating?. While this is a joyous time, it can also be incredibly stressful and our clothes start to get a little snug. Here are a few tips to survive the holiday season mentally and physically.

1. Don’t try to lose weight. Instead, make it a goal to maintain where you are. This will help keep your stress level low and keep eating in perspective. Who wants to feel deprived with so much going on?

2. Make time to be active. Whether it’s walking in the cooler weather, playing in the snow or taking a class. Being active releases endorphin’s which make us feel good and destress. Also help us feel better about all the eating that is happening.

3. Try to incorporate veggies into every meal and party. Bring the veggie tray, roast some winter squash and parsnips with some seasonings sprayed with oil as a side or bake apples and cinnamon (minus the sugar) for a warm, sweet treat. This will also help give us the vitamins and minerals we need to keep our energy up. All the “white’s” that will be eaten will drain our bodies of essential vitamins and minerals making us feel even more tired and weaken our immune systems. The more we can combat this, the more energy we’ll have and the less likely we are to get sick.

4. Take time for yourself. You can’t give to others when you have nothing to give. Stay in your pj’s, turn off your phone and don’t check facebook or your email. Whether it’s watching your favorite Christmas movies, reading a good book, getting a massage or sleeping the day away. We all need time to recharge, ESPECIALLY during this time of year.

5. Say No sometimes. We can’t do it all, as much as we’d like to. Go to the parties you know you’ll truly enjoy. Also say no to over extending your budget. We don’t need the added stress of January’s credit card bills looming or our bank accounts hitting the negative. When we have to work within a budge, more thought also goes into our gifts. The gifts are more meaningful.

6. Remember to be thankful. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget what is really important. Try to list 3 things to be thankful for before bed each night. This helps us keep perspective and will reduce our stress levels.

I hope these tips help you through the season.


Live Healthy and Whole,






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