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Vitamin C: The Unknown Health Benefits Nobody Talks About!

Vitamin C is one of the most talked-about vitamins/nutrients on the planet. However, all discussions surrounding it will talk about how it’s beneficial for your immune system. While this is very true, the health benefits of vitamin C go way beyond there. Here are some unknown health benefits that hardly anyone mentions:

Improves iron absorption

Iron is an essential mineral that’s found in your body and is used to deliver oxygen around your system. It’s commonly found in your blood, meaning a lot of women suffer from iron deficiencies, which can lead to anemia. Vitamin C can help prevent this by improving the way your body absorbs iron. Studies show that consuming vitamin C and iron at the same time will lead to higher rates of iron absorption, preventing an iron deficiency. 

Maintains good eye health

You need your eyes for basically everything in life. As you get older, different things can happen that mean your eye health deteriorates. Cataracts are highly common in older people, but it’s shown that vitamin C can reduce the risk of developing them. It is also linked to reducing macular degeneration, which is an eye disease that a lot of people suffer from. 

Boosts collagen production for healthy skin

Collagen has become something of a buzzword in the personal care industry as of late. Every product under the sun claims to contain it, and this is because it is the most populous protein in the human body. Collagen is responsible for aiding cell growth, particularly in your skin. Good collagen levels will keep your skin firm and elastic. Vitamin C is shown to aid in collagen synthesis, meaning it helps your body make more of this protein. In fact, you are far better off applying creams or serums with vitamin C in them if you want to boost collagen production. Collagen itself cannot be absorbed through the skin, but vitamin C can!

Helps to reduce blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the leading concerns in the modern population. Some questionable dietary choices, combined with a high-stress life, will quickly lead to high blood pressure. In turn, this increases the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. There have been studies that show vitamin C can lower blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure, as well as those without it. 

Contributes to better wound healing

Referring back to the collagen point, collagen is crucial for building cells, meaning it plays a role in wound healing. Therefore, vitamin C will also help your body heal itself more effectively. People that don’t get enough vitamin C are prone to experiencing slower wound healing. 

Clearly, the benefits of vitamin C extend far and wide. Yes, this vitamin is still crucial to improve your immune system and prevent diseases. But, it can do much more than that! The best part is, unlike other vitamins, you can never take too much vitamin C. It isn’t stored in the body, so excess amounts are disposed of. Some great natural sources of vitamin C include most fruits, peppers, leafy greens, and potatoes. 

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The Unknown Health Benefits  Nobody Talks About



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