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How Your Workplace Could Be Affecting Your Mental Wellbeing

Waking up to the alarm clock in the morning, many of us are less than thrilled to get back into the workplace. Another hour in bed is sometimes far more preferable, or perhaps a day when we can do anything but suffer the daily commute and the 9 to 5 grind. Still, the bills have to be paid somehow, and so we do the sensible thing and roll out of our beds and get on with the day ahead.

Are you relating thus far? It’s the norm for many of us, and until we find a job that excites and motivates us, it is something we have to put up with. However, we do need to be mindful. While the thought of going to work can often fill us with feelings that don’t pertain to joy, there are certain situations that we shouldn’t accept. These are the situations that can negatively affect our mental wellbeing, and that go beyond the usual workplace blues. Waking up in the morning, we might be filled with stress and anxiety at the thought of going into work, and that is because of situations such as these.

#1: Worries about personal safety

We shouldn’t feel unsafe going into work, even if we’re involved in high-risk positions. However, some of us do, be it because our employers are lax when it comes to health and safety rules, or because we feel threatened by other members of staff. With constant feelings of fear, the stress of such situations will eventually take its toll on our mental wellbeing.

Should you relate to this point, you need to speak to your employer. The last thing they would want is to get caught up in personal injury law in the event of an accident or to be brought to an employment tribunal for not dealing with any workplace bullies, as they would have to face the financial consequences. Hopefully, they will do the sensible thing and take action. But if they don’t? Then for the sake of your mental health, you should probably start looking for a position elsewhere.

#2: Constant feelings of exhaustion

As we discussed in this article, there are all kinds of reasons as to why we might feel exhausted, and unsurprisingly, our work life could be a contributing factor. If we are forced to work overtime on a regular basis, or if our employer gives us little opportunity to take breaks during the day, then we are going to feel both physically and mentally tired. In the long run, this might also lead to burnout, a serious condition that, as discussed here, can have serious physical and mental consequences. Feelings of exhaustion might also come from a lack of sleep, especially when we are lying awake for much of the night worrying about the workplace. 

As suggested in our last point, you need to speak to your employer. Explain the way you feel, and appeal to their (hopefully) good nature. You might want to ask for some time off too, especially if you are already experiencing the signs of burnout. But if they refuse to listen to your pleas for help? Then for the sake of your mental wellbeing, you should consider looking for employment elsewhere.


As we suggested, going into work is a less than thrilling prospect for many of us, but if you have related to the situations discussed here, then you do need to take action. Your health is important, and despite your need to pay the bills, it’s also your priority to take care of yourself. Follow our suggestions then, and speak to your boss and/or look for employment elsewhere. You should start to feel better if you do.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

How Your Workplace Could Be Affecting Your Mental Wellbeing

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